Three Memorable Celebrity Christenings

Everybody loves a good celebrity wedding, but what about celebrity christenings? Every year some of our most favorite celebrity couples give birth to children, but the christenings often get overlooked. So here are five recent celebrity christenings that are worth mentioning.

Charlotte Church and her husband Gavin christen baby Dexter

Okay, so they might not be royalty, but this couple are much loved in the UK. Charlotte has been famous since she was only a child herself, and when she and her husband rugby ace Gavin Henson christened baby Dexter Lloyd Henson, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Famous for having the voice of an angle, Charlotte now has her own little angle with Dexter.

Marie and Joachim Christen Prince Henrik

Our royal family aren’t the only ones who capture their nation’s hearts, especially on big days such as the this. The christening of Prince Henrik of Denmark who was born in 2009 was a special day to remember. His mother and father Marie and Joachim must have been thrilled with the day, and it’s clear to see from the smile on their faces that they couldn’t be happier.

William and Kate Christen Prince George

What can unite the country more than a royal wedding? How about a royal christening? Well, maybe a royal christening isn’t quite as big an event than a royal wedding, but when William and Kate christened Prince George, it was certainly one of the most important christenings in recent years, especially in the United Kingdom.  A few years on and George is growing into a charming your boy, who is definitely photogenic. Along with his sister Princess Charlotte, the siblings seem to be enjoying a normal upbringing, even though he is set to be king one day.