How to Choose the Right Christening Gown

When it comes to choosing the right christening gown for your child, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, the time of the year of the christening is an important factor. In winter, especially in the UK, larger gowns made out of thicker material are recommended, as the last thing that you want on this special day is to be worrying that your child is too cold.

Likewise, in summer, thinner materials are preferable so that your baby doesn’t overheat. A lot of this simply comes down to common sense, and as a parent you are no doubt very used to make these kind of decisions on a daily basis.


These days, the style of modern christening gowns has moved on a lot from the traditional full length white ones which were popular in the Victorian period.

There are a wide range of styles, fits and accessories to choose from, which may seem confusing at first, however, a lot of it just comes down to personal taste.

Whether you choose a lace, silk or satin gown is entirely up to you, although please do bare in mind that you want to pick a material which does not irritate your babies skin.


Making sure that you accurately measure your baby before ordering the gown is important. If you are shopping online this is something that you will have to do yourself, and if you feel unsure about this, it might be a good idea to visit the shop in person so that they can measure for you.

Gowns for boys and girls may look fairly similar, but they can vary considerably and there are often many bespoke trimming which you can choose from in order to completely personalise it.


When you are choosing christening shoes, bibs or shawls, you might want to add you babies name in embroidery. After all, these items are things which are to be treasure for ever. This can add a little bit to the cost, but on occasions like this, why not push the boat out a little? The christening of you child is without doubt one of the most important social ceremonies any young family can experience, so making sure that everything is exactly as you want it is of the utmost importance.